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     You could say winemaking is in my blood.  Having grown up in and around the wine industry, as well as being the son of a career winemaker, it's no wonder that all things vineyard and wine end up in front of my lens.  Being so immersed in the wine industry has given me a unique perspective, and photography allows me an opportunity to share that with others. 

     Both of my grandfathers, as well as my parents, were avid shooters, and they managed to get my first SLR into my hands when I was 12 years old.  I've been shooting ever since.  I decided to get serious about photography after high school, and received a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in photojournalism and documentary photography.  

     My camera has taken me to places like Haiti, where I have been privileged enough to both document, as well as take part in relief teams' efforts to help those in need.  Spending just about every summer in the greater Yellowstone area has given me a tremendous appreciation for what a beautiful, unspoiled wilderness actually means.  The opportunities for nature and wildlife photography are endless.  I'm also a self proclaimed "gear head" and love all things automotive, from classics and good 'ol American muscle, to modern tuning with computers, drifting, and time attack.   

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